Monday, October 20, 2008

AC/DC Black Ice Review!

I thought I'd wait for it to be finally out to actually do a review on it.  It's a damn good CD. It's been eight years since their last album release. Fans have been waiting, and finally they have it! Black Ice is a 15 track album that was recorded in Vancouver, BC. AC/DC's sound hasn't changed, nor it ever will hopefully. From Angus to Phil to Malcom, to Cliff and last but not least, Brian. Their sound just clashes together for such a unique good sound that fans thrive off of! I'll review each song like it's meant to be. 

Rock 'N Roll Train: This was AC/DC's first single of this album and they let it out to the public in August on their MySpace. It's a great song, and a great single. This song is 'AC/DC. Has their original sound, has Angus thrashin' riffs and his solo is above par. It'll be a chart topping hit. 

Skies on Fire: For sure different then Rock 'N Roll Train, but still a good one. Has a more softer/bluesy feel to it, well for me anyways. Not much else I have to say about this track.

Big Jack: It has a good up tempo beat to it. Angus pulls of his thing in it, laying riffs on top of the chorus for a good sound. Brian, well you know he always does a good job. The name is cool too, I knew I would like it when I read the name of the song.

Anything Goes: It has a nice sound to it, with some nice guitar riffs that flow well with each other. A simple, but good song.

War Machine: This was the other song that got released on their MySpace for people to preview. It's damn good too. Has a cool bass line, and a dope solo in it. It's a catchy song, with a good beat that you will feel throughout the song.

Smash N' Grab: Not one of the best, but still a true AC/DC song. A little to plain for my like, but I can listen to it over and over still. Overall a decent mid-tempo rocker.

Spoilin' for a Fight: Are you spoilin' for a fight? I sure am! This has a good guitar riff, like most AC/DC songs(Angus Shreds!). Brian howls the lyrics in this song, it's definitely a good track.

Wheels: I love this song! Again, Brian howls in this song, like no other on this album though. That's the thing. This is something straight out Highway to Hell! Angus tears it up, again.

Decibel: Another good song. Has a nice bluesy feel to it, which I love. Strong stuff all around, from the guitars to drums to vocals. 

Stormy May Day: I love the intro to this song, it just pulls me into it. I don't know why, but it does and I love it for that. Johnson has done it again on this album with some wicked vocals. Angus shows off his talent once again. I think I talk too much about Angus and Brian in this review? Ah, who cares.

She Likes Rock 'N Roll: Has a funky bass line in the beginning which is something I like. Deff a winner of this album. Does she really like rock n' roll though? I sure hope so!

Money Made: It's a little slower than the average AC/DC song, doesn't have that fire that we've all grown to love. Nothing much else to say to this song.

Rock 'N Roll Dream: One of my favorites of the album as I'm too trying to live a rock 'n roll dream. Well maybe not too, as they most likely are, but I wish I could too. It has a different feel to it then most AC/DC songs which captures me and pulls me into it. Has some awesome riffs, and also has a ballad type feel to it in parts. 

Rocking All the Way: I spent about 30 seconds into this song before I started to air drum. Right when you think rock can't get any better then this, the solo comes in, and it's time to ride this one out.  

Black Ice: Another top on from this album. The intro, everything to me is just right on this song. Title track of the album. I can for sure see this as a chart topping hit. Phil Rudd does this thing on the drums, just like Angus pulls it off on guitar. What a song. Black Ice!

For the age AC/DC is, which isn't really that old, they still have it together! I hope they have it together for their tour! AC/DC November 28th GM Place, I'll be there on the floor! Watch out! AC/DC said let there be rock, and AC/DC let it rock! So for those about to rock, we salute to and that's AC/DC!

Overall 4.75/5

Review by 
Ryan Rose/Dotca

Credit to Colin for the Money Made review.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

AC/DC Black Ice

The CD is SICK! I'll post up a review in the next week or so.