Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Evaporators/Andrew W.K. Split Record

Well, recently, actually today, I received a package from Nardwuar, the Human Serviette Records. Inside was the new album from The Evaporators, entitled A Wild Pear, it was a split album with Andrew W.K. Well, I popped it on, and was stoked to hear this new stuff. I'm telling you it is great!

There is 5 tracks on the record. 4 of which are songs, and 1 is a classic mini Nardwuar interview.

1. The Bombs in my Pants
2. Oh Non
3. Oh Canaduh
4. Nardwuar vs. Andrew W.K.
5. Don't Sell Hot Dogs Tonight.

Now, tracks 1-2 are done by The Evaporators. Now, if you have heard anything of the Evaporators, these songs are sound just like their other stuff, which is a good thing. The other 3 tracks are done by Andrew W.K., and I will say they are some great tracks, never actually hearing anything done by Andrew W.K.. Now though, I think I will. Track 4, is the mini classic Nardwuar interview with Andrew W.K.

On June 23rd, there is a release party at Neptune records in Vancouver at 4pm. Be there, or be square! I shall hopefully be there. The release date is June 23rd on 7" white vinyl, and digitally at iTunes Music Store and

You can check out The Evaporators here, and Andrew W.K. here.

More details on the record here.