Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jess Baumung Photography.

This dude is from Toronto, and he is super rad and also takes some super awesome photos. 
He has taken photos of some awesome people, like Lights, Dallas Green(of City and Colour and Alexisonfire) and Rob Dyer(Skate4Cancer) and many other rad people! Click the photo to hit up his site, and see his incredible photos.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Juno Weekend.

Well, the Junos have come and gone this year in Vancouver. What a weekend. Met many, many rad people and bands. City and Colour, Sam Roberts, and The Stills killed it at the Junos when they played. Lights won New Artist of The Year. Which is awesome as it was her first Juno and she deserved it! Dallas Green took home a Juno for Songwriter of the year! Sam Roberts won Artist of the Year, and Loverboy got inducted into the Canadian Rock and Roll hall of fame! Rad. Oh and Russell Peters was an awesome host, so many jokes about weed went down. Haha.

Here are some photos from the Junos, and Juno Fan Fare. All photos taken by me and my friend, except for the ones of Lights.

Yay for Lights! I <3 her! haha

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Super Radical Dave Myers Interview.

Dave Myers is one of many awesome riders in Surrey, BC. He always goes big and is always rad and does gnar shit. Here is his interview:

How long have you been riding for?

9 years

What was your first BMX you had?
GT Dyno Compe.

What got you into BMX?
Sick of paying for gas with a dirt bike, so I bought a GT.

What's a typical Dave Myers' day like?
Get up at 5:00am go to work (latex applicator tech) then go home and chill with the kids and maybe after go hit up the igloo till 11 or 12.

What do you think of the Surrey BMX scene?

The scene is not that big, but who really wants to live in surrey. I do!

What is your favourite
Surrey Skate Park?
Bear creek is my home.

What do you hate about the BMX scene currently and is there anything you would change?

I don't hate and wouldn't change it, really don't care. Do what you want, just don't get gay on me!

Why do you ride a BMX bike?

Because I am hooked.

How did you get the nickname 'Dirty' Dave Myers?
Because the Surrey nick name was taken.

Give us a story about one of your favourite riding memories.
I can't think right now, I always have a blast riding.

What are your views on mountain biking?
I think dirt jumps & trails on a MTB would be fun but at a skate park is lame! Go ahead and tell that to Boyko.

What gets you pumped to ride hard?
Riding fast and crashing fast gets me stoked.

What do you think about the current trends in BMX?
I would like to see what comes after tight red pants.

What are some tricks that give you the most trouble?
Not good at bar spins. Yeah I suck!

What you like to do outside of riding?
Hanging with my family, driving my car, fishing, and watching web videos on the nerd box!

Describe a typical breakfast...
One full pack of maple flavoured bacon, three potatoes that are smashed into hash browns, three omega eggs, and some whole-wheat toast.

Bike by you.

What is your current setup?

Volume Ends Frame
S&M Grand Slam Bars
Odyssey Dirt Fork
We The People Stem
Odyssey Front Wheel
We The People Rear Wheel
Demolition Pedals and Sprocket
Primo Seat
We The People Tires
Demolition brake
Primo cranks with Ti Spindal
Shadow Halflink Chain

What are some of the more serious injuries you've got from riding your bike?
I cut my shin with the pedal and it got infected so quick and bad, that the nurse stuffed my leg with cotton from the knee to the ankle, multiple times.

Have you ever considered giving up riding?
I am hooked on riding and don't want help!

What do you think about all the kids progressing so fast?
Shred on little rippers!

Dave Myers by you.

Is there anything you still want to learn on your bike?
Tricks never end if you’re still in it.

What’s your favourite trick to do?

Downside tail whips.

Dave Myers by you.

If you could ride for any company, who would you ride for and why?
Not sure, who wants?

What would you like to accomplish in the next 5 or so years?
Get super rich! BC 649!

If had to ride one park, or one city for the rest of your life, what park or city would it be?

Millenium skatepark in Calgary, Alberta, because it is the biggest park I ever rode and fun.

Who are some of the riders in
Surrey you enjoy riding with?
James V., Rob G., Robbie M., and Tyler P.

What are in your pockets at the moment?
Telus cell phone, keys, lighter, wallet that is so not full of cash.

Dave Myers by you.

Who or what are some influences on your life?

My family, music is good, I like rock and fishing. Riders: Surrey Steve, James Van De Kamp, Jason Enns, Dave Osato, Tj Cout, Jamie Meritt, Spicer, Rob Sigati, Jerrad Creally. Probably tons of other pro's I don't know.

Anyone you want to thank?

My dad for hooking me up with my bikes, when I was younger. My wife for cancelling that Rogers Plan. Up yours Rogers!

Any last words?

Once again, up yours Rogers Mobility!

To view all the photos properly, and see more of Dave, click here.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Allison Weiss

Just heard this new artist, and I think she has a pretty good voice and most people should check her out.