Monday, March 30, 2009

Juno Weekend.

Well, the Junos have come and gone this year in Vancouver. What a weekend. Met many, many rad people and bands. City and Colour, Sam Roberts, and The Stills killed it at the Junos when they played. Lights won New Artist of The Year. Which is awesome as it was her first Juno and she deserved it! Dallas Green took home a Juno for Songwriter of the year! Sam Roberts won Artist of the Year, and Loverboy got inducted into the Canadian Rock and Roll hall of fame! Rad. Oh and Russell Peters was an awesome host, so many jokes about weed went down. Haha.

Here are some photos from the Junos, and Juno Fan Fare. All photos taken by me and my friend, except for the ones of Lights.

Yay for Lights! I <3 her! haha

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