Saturday, March 27, 2010

State of Shock Interview (Alley)

Let’s start things off by asking how are you?

I'm doing great, in need of a shower though.

How did you know music was your thing and that you should pursue it further?

I just loved it, as long as I can remember, always wanted to learn new instruments.

What was the first bass you got?

It was a Fender Prophecy; it actually got stolen from a show last summer in Brandon Manitoba. My least valuable bass, but the one most important to me. I was just gunna retire it too, so that it would be safe at home. That crushed me, but hopefully some little kid has it now and will put it to good use.

What got you into playing the bass?

I actually started out as a guitar player, but back then it was tough to find a band that wanted a chick guitarist, so I saw an add in the paper that was looking for a girl bass player and gave it a shot. It stuck.

What are your musical influences?

That’s a really tough question, I think my taste in music is quite broad, but initially I was really into metal, then punk rock.

What bands did you grow up listening too?

Metallica, Slayer, Primus, Janes Addiction, Dead Kennedy’s. That’ll give you the idea, hahaha.

If you never got into music, what would you think you would be doing?

Roller Derby!!! But who knows, what you’d like to do and what you end up doing aren’t always the same thing.

What is one item you need to have with you on tour?

My Mac, I love video games and movies.

What was it like playing your first live show and what kind of things did you have to overcome, like fears/nervousness?

My first show was a bit painful and exciting at the same time. I had just joined the band, so didn’t really know the songs yet, I winged it. But I was super jacked. It was my third band “Another Joe” that brought on all the nerves, because I actually cared about it. I was proud of that band and was invested in it. It was my only other serious band other than Shock. But that’s were I learned not be concerned with failure, have fun and put on a great show, cause in the end that’s all that matters.

What is it like winning an award for your music?

It’s pretty exciting, to be recognized for all your hard work. We feel very fortunate. Especially when you really don’t expect it, then you’re all marbles marbles marbles.

Have any ‘wild’ tour stories?

There are soooo many stories, but what am I aloud to say? Lol. . On our last trip to Halifax, before we got on the plane, Jesse posted on Craigslist that there was a 50 inch flat screen and children’s toys for FREE. He then listen Kadooh’s name and number as the contact. By the time our plane landed at the first lay over Kadooh had 70 voicemails. And it didn’t stop all day.

2 summers ago I broke my ribs while wrestling on the tour bus, we still had a week of shows left to do, so our tour manager had to load me up with a bottle of wine before each set so I could make it through. I thought I played awesome, hahaha, pulling off all the sweetest “matrix” style moves, but really I think the ground was just moving cause I had to be so smashed. If you’ve ever broken your ribs you’d know that it’s hard enough to breath, never mind sing.

When not playing music, or on tour, what stuff do you enjoy doing?

Long walks on the beach….. Haha, I guess all the normal stuff. Its funny, when we’re off tour the band hangs out a lot socially. So not much is really different. I do love to cook though, if it was up to me id have friends over for dinner every day.

What are some challenges being the only female in State of Shock?

Having 4 big brothers, hahaha, but, in the same sense it’s a good thing, I’m the safest chick around. I don’t think there are many challenges, there are the obvious differences between men and woman, but in the end we’re a family so there is a definitely a high level of acceptance. We all see each others good, bad, ugly and beautiful. There’s nowhere to hide, its liberating. But I think if I was the type of girl that was maybe not confident or pre-occupied with impressing men, things would be a lot different.

What is one thing you wish you were really good at?

I really wish I’d learned how to play the piano, I hope to take lessons one day.

What was it like seeing your CD for the first time for sale in a store like HMV, etc?

Awesome and it still is. The only difference now is realizing that having your record in a store doesn’t mean you’ve made it. There’s so much more to it. I miss the simplicity.

What is in your pocket(s) right now?

I’m actually in my bath robe… so no pockets?

What is one of your favourite cities to play in?

There’s so many different ways to answer that, but, I do love playing at home in Vancouver, you get to see all your family and friends.

Do you think the internet, and sites like MySpace and Twitter helps out new artists with gaining exposure and showing off their music to other people?

Absolutely. So many artists are discovered that way now.

How is the new album shaping out, and sounding?

We’re all very excited about this next record. Its coming along awesome, have had some great feedback and we can’t wait to get it out there and start touring again. There have been many new stories for us to tell about our lives over the last few years, the new songs cover a lot of them.

What advice would you give for people starting new bands or making new music?

Do it because you love it. It’s not easy. The best advice we ever got was that “nobody care’s”. I know that sounds harsh, but as soon as you realize that and take matters into your own hands, you’ll be better for it.

Anyone you want to thank?

My most magical unicorn Shock brothers, and all the people that buy our music and come to the shows, they allow us to continue doing what we love.

Any last words?

Stay thick.


Ryan Rose!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Airboure's No Guts, No Glory Album Review

Far away from top 40 songs, Airbourne’s album delivers with a hard rock punch.

With three albums and big tours with big name acts under their belt, Airbourne release their forth full-length album “No Guts, No Glory”, that holds nothing back amidst the heavily filtered music industry. They use things that are missing from the top 40 play lists to their advantage, such as guitar solos, like in the song “Get Busy Livin'”. Although their lyrics are simple, such as in “Back on the Bottle”, they are catchy. It is a thirteen album track that is a must listen for any hard rock fan.

4 out of 5 stars

Favourite track: “Get Busy Livin'”

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Against Me! and Cancer Bats

Before embarking on the Billy Talent Canadian tour, which Alexisonfire is also on the line up, Against Me! and Cancer Bats played a one off show in Vancouver on March 2nd at the Rickshaw Theatre. I finally got to see these two bands, which I was stoked on. After both of them coming through here before, I could not see them due to the shows being 19+, but they came and played together! Haha. This was also my first true punk show that I have been too. I was a little scared at first of going, but I should not have been. It was wicked.

First was before Cancer Bats was this band named Jaguar Love. I was not really fond of them, due to mixing electronica with hardcore/screamo music. Wasn't a good mix Plus the entire crowd being a bunch of douches yelling through out the set saying get off the stage, queer. That was not helping the cause. Though, I do give the lead singer of that band respect for calling out the main person making all these gestures.

After their set was a 15 minute break while the Cancer Bats set up. The energy in the building was growing, quickly might I add. Cancer Bats came on the stage, and opened their set with Hail Destroyer. Once they did that, the crowd exploded! I have never witnessed people explode into head banging and into a mosh pit so quickly from being so tame during the first band. It was wicked to watch. They also played their Beastie Boys- Sabotage cover and a new song from their newest album "Bears, Mayors, Scraps & Bones" (which is suppose to be released on April 12th, 2010). Next up was the eagerly awaited set from Against Me!

The time between Cancer Bats set, and Against Me!'s set was long. Well, not that long but like 30 minutes long, haha. They finally came on though, and the crowd went wild, for the second time! While I only stayed for 4 songs, it was well worth it. What I heard was so good live. They played New Wave, and Cliché Guevara. The other two songs, well they are just a blur in my head as I don't remember the names. Trying to fight my way out of the crowd though, that was hard until one guy helped me out of there! Thanks for that, haha. I would have stayed the full set if I didn't have to rely on my parents for getting me home (ha!). Against Me! has a new CD coming out soon, which I totally recommend everyone getting. The album is titled White Crosses, with a release date that I do not know of. Thanks again to Against Me!'s manager Tiffany for all your help!

Now onto the photos.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wintersleep, Hey Rosetta, You Say Party, We Say Die! and Tokyo Police Club

This day (Feb 27th) was the last day of the event that I went to, and it had the raddest line up of them all.

Hey Rosetta was on first, and they are a rad band that seems to always get air time on CBC's Radio 3 (where I first heard of them). They also were nominated for the 2009 Polaris Awards, but lost to Fucked Up. These guys took the stage strong, and put on a wicked set. The crowd, albeit small, was really feeling it, it seems and were pumped! The rain held back no one from having an exciting time. Recommend anyone to go and see this band, and check out their music.

Next up was You Say Party, We Say Die!, whom I found out about through Tegan and Sara on their twitter. Haha. These guys are great. They are different, but have their own unique style of music and performing on stage which makes them rad. The rain started to rain harder during this set, but that didn't hold the crowd back from unleashing energy and have a mini mosh pit form in the middle. I don't have much to say about their set as I'll let the photos do the talking.

After them was Tokyo Police Club. Though I have not listened to their music much (which is a shame on my part), they make great music. Their live show is stellar as well. I'm just so bad at remembering song names and what they played, but I know they played their hits as I remember that. To all who have not heard this band before, check them out!

Now, the band that I have been really waiting for to see, especially after doing an interview with Tim. Wintersleep. Last time they came through I couldn't see them as it was a 19+ venue, which was a bummer. Now though, I had my chance. This band is wicked live. They played songs like Orca, to new ones off their album which will be out soon. It is called New Inheritors, and you all should pick it up and support this kick ass band!

With that and this place now finally closed and all of this has come to an end, I want to say thanks to all of the volunteers for helping out here and be super nice and rad. I want to say thank you to the Mayor and council for putting this event on. It was well worth it, and I hope the city continues with fun little festivals like this with rad music. My last thank you is going out to the security people here. You were all so rad and nice when it came to helping other people, and especially me out. Thanks for keeping me safe, especially from crowd surfers in the photo pit and thanks for keeping me entertained when bands were not playing, haha.

Enough with my horrible excuse of writing, and on with my okay photos! Hahaha

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illScarlet and Marianas Trench

On Friday the 26th of February, it was illScarlet and Marianas Trench that took a hold of the Surrey Celebration Stage at the Surrey Celebration Site.

Originally on this day I was suppose to see/shot Inward Eye, but there was a last minute schedule change because of the Canada vs. Slovakia hockey game. Which I was fine with as we won! But right after the game illScarlet came one. I have seen these guys live once, when they opened up for Blink-182. They were great then, and they were as great, if not better now! The crowd was a lively one here, which was great. The energy was high as well, and the lead guitarist had the raddest hair that made for rad photos.

After their set, Marianas Trench came on. Before they came on though, I ended up talking with a security guard and he said that little girls have been waiting since 6pm for the band (they played at 10pm)! That is nuts! A mosh pit was forming, well not really a mosh pit just a tight crowd, but little girls were getting pulled out as some had injuries. Some bad enough to seek first aid! I have never seen so many little girls (13-16) in one area in my life! Once 10pm rolled around and the band took the stage, the crowd erupted and bras were flying onto the stage. I still don't understand the point of doing it... While I am not a fan of this band, they do put on a decent show. There is not much to report on, as I left after 3 songs, so I'll leave you with photos!

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Streetheart and The Headpins!

This post should have been made earlier, but for some stupid reason blogger was down (actually blocked) because of Telus. But on Thursday, Feb. 25th Streetheart of The Headpins took the stage at the Surrey House at Surrey's Celebration site. I have never heard of these bands before, but my mom raves about them as she was a big fan back in the day. The Headpins played first, and they really took on the stage. As a band that has been together for 30 years, you would think they wouldn't be super energetic on stage. They proved me wrong. Of all the bands that I saw previous to them, they had to be the best on stage at the Surrey House. I don't know they names of their songs, but I know they played their hits as the crowd went wild when they did! *As a note, 95% of the crowd was over the age of 29. Why don't kids my age like classic rock as much? It is now all this rap crap and top 40 shit. These people where also the best crowd that was in the Surrey House as well. Now, another thing that made the Headpins' set great was a wicked guitar solo. For once, a band with a guitar solo during their set. Now why aren't their more newer bands adding guitar solos. Newer bands whom may read this, please do guitar solos!

After The Headpins came Streetheart. These guys were a bit older then the Headpins, but still showed great energy on the stage. Which was wicked to see. Now, I don't know there songs but I know that they played their great ones judging from what my mom said. According to my mom and her friends, they changed up some of their songs a bit which was for the worse. Though from what I saw and heard, it was pretty good. With that, as I'm not a very good writer, I'll post photos!

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Irish Night @ Surrey Celebration Site!

Well, back on the 24th of February, it was Irish Night at the Celebration site in the Surrey House. They had two Irish bands playing on stage, who were The PaperBoys and The Irish Descendants. Both were really different from each other in terms of their musical style, but both seemed to be pretty good. The Paper Boys had a more Irish rock-folk feel to their music and I was really digging that as was the small (sadly) crowd that was there that night. Though they were Dropkick Murphys, which would have been sick, they were good. The Paperboys played first, at 7:30pm with the Irish Descendants following right after at 9:00pm. The Irish Descendants were not really my kind of music, as they were a lot more mellow then the Paperboys, but judging off of the crowd, they seemed to be good for their style of music. I was not there long enough give a detailed review of either set, so I'll just go straight to posting some photos of each! Next up, Streetheart and The Headpins write up/photos!

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