Sunday, March 7, 2010

Streetheart and The Headpins!

This post should have been made earlier, but for some stupid reason blogger was down (actually blocked) because of Telus. But on Thursday, Feb. 25th Streetheart of The Headpins took the stage at the Surrey House at Surrey's Celebration site. I have never heard of these bands before, but my mom raves about them as she was a big fan back in the day. The Headpins played first, and they really took on the stage. As a band that has been together for 30 years, you would think they wouldn't be super energetic on stage. They proved me wrong. Of all the bands that I saw previous to them, they had to be the best on stage at the Surrey House. I don't know they names of their songs, but I know they played their hits as the crowd went wild when they did! *As a note, 95% of the crowd was over the age of 29. Why don't kids my age like classic rock as much? It is now all this rap crap and top 40 shit. These people where also the best crowd that was in the Surrey House as well. Now, another thing that made the Headpins' set great was a wicked guitar solo. For once, a band with a guitar solo during their set. Now why aren't their more newer bands adding guitar solos. Newer bands whom may read this, please do guitar solos!

After The Headpins came Streetheart. These guys were a bit older then the Headpins, but still showed great energy on the stage. Which was wicked to see. Now, I don't know there songs but I know that they played their great ones judging from what my mom said. According to my mom and her friends, they changed up some of their songs a bit which was for the worse. Though from what I saw and heard, it was pretty good. With that, as I'm not a very good writer, I'll post photos!

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