Sunday, March 7, 2010

illScarlet and Marianas Trench

On Friday the 26th of February, it was illScarlet and Marianas Trench that took a hold of the Surrey Celebration Stage at the Surrey Celebration Site.

Originally on this day I was suppose to see/shot Inward Eye, but there was a last minute schedule change because of the Canada vs. Slovakia hockey game. Which I was fine with as we won! But right after the game illScarlet came one. I have seen these guys live once, when they opened up for Blink-182. They were great then, and they were as great, if not better now! The crowd was a lively one here, which was great. The energy was high as well, and the lead guitarist had the raddest hair that made for rad photos.

After their set, Marianas Trench came on. Before they came on though, I ended up talking with a security guard and he said that little girls have been waiting since 6pm for the band (they played at 10pm)! That is nuts! A mosh pit was forming, well not really a mosh pit just a tight crowd, but little girls were getting pulled out as some had injuries. Some bad enough to seek first aid! I have never seen so many little girls (13-16) in one area in my life! Once 10pm rolled around and the band took the stage, the crowd erupted and bras were flying onto the stage. I still don't understand the point of doing it... While I am not a fan of this band, they do put on a decent show. There is not much to report on, as I left after 3 songs, so I'll leave you with photos!

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