Thursday, March 11, 2010

Against Me! and Cancer Bats

Before embarking on the Billy Talent Canadian tour, which Alexisonfire is also on the line up, Against Me! and Cancer Bats played a one off show in Vancouver on March 2nd at the Rickshaw Theatre. I finally got to see these two bands, which I was stoked on. After both of them coming through here before, I could not see them due to the shows being 19+, but they came and played together! Haha. This was also my first true punk show that I have been too. I was a little scared at first of going, but I should not have been. It was wicked.

First was before Cancer Bats was this band named Jaguar Love. I was not really fond of them, due to mixing electronica with hardcore/screamo music. Wasn't a good mix Plus the entire crowd being a bunch of douches yelling through out the set saying get off the stage, queer. That was not helping the cause. Though, I do give the lead singer of that band respect for calling out the main person making all these gestures.

After their set was a 15 minute break while the Cancer Bats set up. The energy in the building was growing, quickly might I add. Cancer Bats came on the stage, and opened their set with Hail Destroyer. Once they did that, the crowd exploded! I have never witnessed people explode into head banging and into a mosh pit so quickly from being so tame during the first band. It was wicked to watch. They also played their Beastie Boys- Sabotage cover and a new song from their newest album "Bears, Mayors, Scraps & Bones" (which is suppose to be released on April 12th, 2010). Next up was the eagerly awaited set from Against Me!

The time between Cancer Bats set, and Against Me!'s set was long. Well, not that long but like 30 minutes long, haha. They finally came on though, and the crowd went wild, for the second time! While I only stayed for 4 songs, it was well worth it. What I heard was so good live. They played New Wave, and Cliché Guevara. The other two songs, well they are just a blur in my head as I don't remember the names. Trying to fight my way out of the crowd though, that was hard until one guy helped me out of there! Thanks for that, haha. I would have stayed the full set if I didn't have to rely on my parents for getting me home (ha!). Against Me! has a new CD coming out soon, which I totally recommend everyone getting. The album is titled White Crosses, with a release date that I do not know of. Thanks again to Against Me!'s manager Tiffany for all your help!

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