Monday, February 22, 2010

Surrey Celebration Site Again!

Well, a whole bunch of days have passed as have people, through the Surrey Celebration Site in Holland Park. Some great acts have came through too, which I will write about below. It is now like, day 10 at the site with today (Monday) and tomorrow closed. Which was the same as last week. Acts like Sam Roberts Band, Arkells, Jets Overhead, Bend Sinister, Hot Hot Heat, Goodbye Beatdown, Dan Mangan, Hey Ocean! Said the Whale and Mother Mother have came through this week. They all put on a great show.

I first heard of Jets Overhead through Tegan and Sara's twitter updates, and glad I went through and checked them out as they are great. They are wonderful live too, and show a lot of energy on stage. Though, I couldn't stay around for their full set, I did hear 4 songs and it was nice to see a crowd getting into it.

Bend Sinister and Hot Hot Heat came a day or two after Jets Overhead and played inside the Surrey House stage. I have never heard of Bend Sinister really, but they did place second in the 100.5 The Peak's Performance Project (Vancouver Radio Station). They are a five piece band composed of awesome. I am so glad I got to check out this band, as they have been played a ton on the radio but I never got to catch this band's name when played. As soon as I did hear a few of their songs, I instantly recognized them from the radio (which is a good thing). They even covered Journey's Dont Stop Believin'!

After Bend Sinister was Hot Hot Heat. By now, the Surrey House was packed full of people. They reached capacity, which was a large amount of people that I never knew could fit into one little tent. Haha. The crowd was obviously feeling the sound of Hot Hot Heat as the surfers came on through. You may be wondering by now though, why I have not including names of songs and places into these reviews, it is because I don't know the names. Sorry! But from what I have heard, and saw, it was an awesome performance.

Now, on Friday (the day I was awaiting) was here. This day Sam Roberts, Dan Mangan, Arkells, Goodbye Beatdown and We Are the City performed. We Are the City were first, and came on the stage at 5:00pm. They where the winners of the Peak Performance Project, as mentioned above. This band, the hipsters flocked to, which was funny (for me). The set they performed was pretty good, minus the poorly grown mustache's. Now Goodbye Beatdown came on, and they kicked ass. They had a bumpin set, where the crowd was feeling it. The DJ of the band was rockin a Canada flag as a cape and they rounded off their set with O' Canada where the crowd went wild and happily sang along and truly showed our patriotism!

Next up where the Arkells, which are a band from Ontario. They killed it onstage. That's really all I have to say about them, they put on a show that was absolutely great. They are also a bunch of great guys, who I have met last year. After meeting them, I knew I had to witness them play live. When ever they roll through your town, go to their show! After the Arkells, came Dan Mangan. This guy I have never heard of until that day. He has a softer approach to music then the others did, but it was a very enjoyable set that was great to listen to from the front and the back of the stage. A nice set to enjoy and just take in.

After him, was what everyone was eagerly awaiting. Sam Roberts! By now, the venue was at capacity, which was 20,000. All gathered in front of the stage. The photo pit was the most packed photo pit I have experienced in my life as well, as I had no room to move. Literally none! But damn, can Sam Roberts Band put on a show. Surrey was really feeling them that night! I was too, until I had to leave (which was during the song Every Part of Me). But wow though, can the band ever put on a show!

The next day, which was Saturday, Said the Whale, Hey Ocean, Tiger Style (Punjabi DJ) and Mother Mother performed. Said the Whale is a great band from Vancouver, who can put on a show! They performed songs, such as This City's A Mess, Emerald Lake, Ab and Camilo (The Magician). Following them was Hey Ocean!, who also are a rad little band from Vancouver, with front(wo)man Ashleigh Ball who can sing so good and beautifully. They really got the crowd going (including the Mayor's daughter), and crowd surfing was happening (security told me they had over 45 during their hour set). Ashleigh Ball's own mother almost even crowd surfed! They rounded up there set with Fish and A Song About California (which is my favourite song from them, haha).

After them, was Mother Mother. This band I never actually gave a good listening to before hand but from the first three songs I did hear, they were awesome. Really put on a show, and got the crowd into. By the time they got on though, it was 10:00pm and the crowd was rowdy squishing the little ones up at front (they should learn, like I have that it's not good to be up front when tiny). Though, I can't really right much about Mother Mother as I left after the first 3 songs. All I can say is, what I heard was really really good.

Surrey's Celebration Site open's up again on Wednesday with it being their Irish Night. The site is 100% free, and it is located in Holland Park. I am sure this night will be a night you don't want to miss. From here on in, I think every day is packed with some good music to listen to and enjoy so come on down and have fun, for free!


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Monday, February 15, 2010

Surrey Olympic Celebration

Well, it has been 3 days so far since the site officially opened with the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. I was only there for the first two, as school work held be back the third night. The first night was pretty rad, watching the opening ceremonies on big screens with 20,000 other screaming Canadians who are also pumped up on the games. It was raining hard, but it held no one back from attending this opening event, with Blue Rodeo performing whom put on a great live show!

The next day, I arrived just in time to see Jets Overhead put on a kick ass show. Jets Overhead is a great band from Victoria, BC, Canada. While they were performing, we got to watch Jenn Heil nail her silver medal run which was wicked. Crowd went nuts when that happened! All in all it is has been a great event so far, and I'm not very good at writing reviews when I sort of forget facts. So, I suggest you check out Jets Overhead and check out the photos below.

Also, there is still over a week of wicked free events going on at Surrey2010 ( Bands like Wintersleep, Hey Ocean, Sam Roberts, etc, etc, etc performing. Well worth coming out!

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