Thursday, May 6, 2010

Youthink Best BC Teen Band Contest

Saturday, May 1st was the final of Youthink's Best BC Teen Band Contest. The Knots, Split the Silence and High Life Scenery all battled it out with a 4 song set composed of 1 Canadian cover songs, the song they submitted to the contest, and two new original songs. They battled it out for judges, who are in the music industry currently.

The day started out for these bands with them showing up early for a meet and greet with music industry people of all sorts from Production companies, to LiveNation, and getting in an before set interview with a Youthink Student Reporter. They got to learn a bit about the industry and what may be in the future for them from chatting with these industry professionals, and learning a thing or two what an interview may hold for them. Then as the day progressed from this, family members, friends and fans started to pour into the venue, which was Tom Lee's Music Hall on Granville Street in Vancouver.

The more people that came in, the closer the show arose for these bands, which they would be playing one of their most important sets of their life. The bands rushed backstage, into the worlds smallest dressing room that could barely hold one band in there. Then, the house lights dimmed, stage lights came on and the MC (Shaun from Wide Mouth Mason) came onto the stage to discuss what is happening and what the bands would be competing for. He left the stage, and Split the Silence took it in full force.

They performed their hearts out, and put on a killer set. They covered Arcade Fire's song, "Wake Up" but with their own added twist to it. Slayed that song. Their other songs where also great, and were about many things like the bass player's girlfriend from Grade 9. He wasn't all that happy with the mention about it, which made for a laugh! Their set ended and High Life Scenery took the stage.

These guys won the online part of this contest, which was fan voted. It showed in the audience as well, with how many fans that tagged along to show up for them! In their set, they covered K' naan's song " Wavin Flag" and although a few vocal notes got a bit mixed up, they fought through it and ended their set with the next song that got the crowed pumped up for the rest of the show and the last band, the Knots!

The Knots, whom are an indie-alternative band, are from Burnaby. They opened their set with an Arkells cover song, which was "Deadlines" and then went on to play their most valuable set as a band for them currently. They also made it clear that their set was all about the music, and not the contest, which is what it would be all about. The music! They finished their set, and left the stage as then everyone had to wait with anticipation for who would be the first winner of Youthink's Best BC Teen Band.

The winner was:
The Knots!

In second place was:

Split the Silence

and in third:

High Life Scenery

All these bands absolutely played great, and I think will have great success in the future with their music! Congrats to the Knots on the win.

You can read more about the day and what they won here.

Ryan Rose

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