Friday, February 27, 2009

Interview: Shaun Huberts.

How’s life?

Life is good, thanks for asking!

What got you into playing the bass guitar?

Well, at the school I went to, it was mandatory to play the ukulele for two years in grades 4 and 5, but since I was kind of the teachers pets, she let me play the one bass guitar… that’s basically what got me started until my parents bought me my first bass on my tenth birthday.

What was your first bass?

My first bass was a ¾ scale Samick bass. It was a small bass, but I was tiny back then so it worked perfectly. Oh and it was a tobacco sunburst color, meaning it was awesome, haha.

Any weird or funny touring stories?

Funny stories? Well there was the time when I got food poisoning and then passed out while at the urinal… and I may or may not have peed on myself… but aside from that? No.

How did you get into playing bass for Tegan and Sara, and what is that like?

Ted and Johnny 5 and I grew up together and started our first band together when we were 13, so ultimately they got me the job, and Tegan and Sara trusted them that I could do it so that’s how it worked out for me, and I’m very happy.

If you didn’t play bass in a band, what would you be doing?

Hmmm, good question. I used to want to be an architect? I took mathematics in University but realized that wasn’t totally what I wanted either. Some sort of business is what I’d be doing… I want to be an entrepreneur!

How did you know music was the thing for you?

My mom’s an artist and my dad’s a doctor. My dad blames my mother for having too much influence on us, haha, because my brother’s an animator and I’m a musician. Music was a big part of our family growing us so I have always wanted to be part of music in some way or another. Actually it was my dad who wanted to start a family band, so I’ll blame him for encouraging me to play music!

What is your favourite Tegan and Sara song to play?

I love playing The Con as well as Back in Your Head. There are actually a lot that I like playing. I Was Married is also a favourite when we get to play it because I am playing a keyboard part, so I have to make my playing sound synth-y.

Since they are using the band for their newest record, what are you excited about this?

I love recording in a studio. Some people like playing live, and not in the studio, but I love both.

What do you prefer to play at; an indoor venue or outdoor venue?

I love an intimate indoor show, but playing at a large festival can be really fun also. If it is cold outside, DEFINITELY the indoor show! I have horrible circulation so I am always trying to keep my hands warm.

What things do you enjoy doing outside of playing music?

I’m a sports nerd, but tennis is my main sport right now. Oh and to keep with the nerd theme, I also like to read Popular Science.

Anyone you want to thank?

Sure?! My parents and friends and my beautiful wife for continually supporting me in all my ambitions!

Any last words or anything to say to finish this off?

Thanks Ryan for saying hi to me and reading my blog. Talk soon, Shaun

Ryan Rose.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Carts of Darkness- A must watch documentary.

This is a video called Carts of Darkness. It is a must watch.

In the picture-postcard community of North Vancouver, filmmaker Murray Siple follows men who have turned bottle-picking, their primary source of income, into the extreme sport of shopping cart racing.

Enduring hardships from everyday life on the streets of Vancouver, this sub-culture depicts street life as much more than stereotypes portrayed in mainstream media. The films takes a deep look into the lives of the men who race carts, the adversity they face, and the appeal of cart racing despite the risk.

Click here to watch the video.