Saturday, August 28, 2010

Youth in 57's Battle of the Bands

Youth in 57 held a battle of the bands contest,, on Thursday August 26th at Vancouver's Heritage Hall, that I attended. The bands that were competing where: All the Way, Hello Sir, Ouderkirk, Verspertine and High Life Scenery (whom competed in Youthink's Best BC Teen Band Contest back in May).

When I arrived there around 4:30pm with on the the volunteers from Youth in 57, bands where arriving and setting up and sound checking. So while all that was happening, I walked around and took photos (that didn't really turn out to good, ha). The bands, while waiting for the doors to open, where talking with each other and playing games on their computers while some where getting their instruments ready. There wasn't much to do until the first band got on.

When 6:00 rolled around, the doors finally opened and friends, family and fans started to pour in. The show didn't officially start until 7:00pm, in which the first band came on. The order the five bands had to play in where: Ouderkirk ,Verspertine, Highlife Scenery, Hello Sir and All the Way.

The first band, Ouderkirk, had a nice mellow tone going on with their set that was filled with both fast paced and slow paced songs. Their drummer was even playing with one hand, and did a damn fine job of it! The next band, Verspertine, had a real unique vibe going on with them, which is why I recommend checking them out. They have a show coming up as well. Up after them was Highlife Scenery, who are a pop punk band. They're set was full of energy which got the crowd into the set and filled the venue up with energy. I too recommend checking out these guys, who are up and coming in the Vancouver music scene. They too have a show coming up.

Though, I had to leave after Highlife Scenery, I heard both Hello Sir and All the Way put on great sets.

Now here are some photos I took at the show. They are not up to my usual standards due to venue's poor lighting, but here they are anyways:

(All the Way)

More are up on my site:

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