Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Photo Series/Behind the Scenes of Recording.

Here is a series of photos I shot over the last two years of my friends bands in recording studios.

I will probably go more into depth on the recording process and such from my experiences in these studios.

I'm bringing this back.

I'm shooting more shows then before, and am more involved in the music industry then before. I'll bring you behind the scenes of some of the music industry things, such as the recording process at studios. Maybe some interviews too?

So there are going to be changes here over the next month while I revise this, change things and that. It'll still be more a photo based thing, but the photos will be better then seen on here before, more videos and a lot more non live show (but still music based) things, such as this photo series I am doing on music people that make up the scene here in BC. From the producers, to sound guys to the musicians. Everyone. It should be exiting!