Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Irish Night @ Surrey Celebration Site!

Well, back on the 24th of February, it was Irish Night at the Celebration site in the Surrey House. They had two Irish bands playing on stage, who were The PaperBoys and The Irish Descendants. Both were really different from each other in terms of their musical style, but both seemed to be pretty good. The Paper Boys had a more Irish rock-folk feel to their music and I was really digging that as was the small (sadly) crowd that was there that night. Though they were Dropkick Murphys, which would have been sick, they were good. The Paperboys played first, at 7:30pm with the Irish Descendants following right after at 9:00pm. The Irish Descendants were not really my kind of music, as they were a lot more mellow then the Paperboys, but judging off of the crowd, they seemed to be good for their style of music. I was not there long enough give a detailed review of either set, so I'll just go straight to posting some photos of each! Next up, Streetheart and The Headpins write up/photos!

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