Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wintersleep, Hey Rosetta, You Say Party, We Say Die! and Tokyo Police Club

This day (Feb 27th) was the last day of the event that I went to, and it had the raddest line up of them all.

Hey Rosetta was on first, and they are a rad band that seems to always get air time on CBC's Radio 3 (where I first heard of them). They also were nominated for the 2009 Polaris Awards, but lost to Fucked Up. These guys took the stage strong, and put on a wicked set. The crowd, albeit small, was really feeling it, it seems and were pumped! The rain held back no one from having an exciting time. Recommend anyone to go and see this band, and check out their music.

Next up was You Say Party, We Say Die!, whom I found out about through Tegan and Sara on their twitter. Haha. These guys are great. They are different, but have their own unique style of music and performing on stage which makes them rad. The rain started to rain harder during this set, but that didn't hold the crowd back from unleashing energy and have a mini mosh pit form in the middle. I don't have much to say about their set as I'll let the photos do the talking.

After them was Tokyo Police Club. Though I have not listened to their music much (which is a shame on my part), they make great music. Their live show is stellar as well. I'm just so bad at remembering song names and what they played, but I know they played their hits as I remember that. To all who have not heard this band before, check them out!

Now, the band that I have been really waiting for to see, especially after doing an interview with Tim. Wintersleep. Last time they came through I couldn't see them as it was a 19+ venue, which was a bummer. Now though, I had my chance. This band is wicked live. They played songs like Orca, to new ones off their album which will be out soon. It is called New Inheritors, and you all should pick it up and support this kick ass band!

With that and this place now finally closed and all of this has come to an end, I want to say thanks to all of the volunteers for helping out here and be super nice and rad. I want to say thank you to the Mayor and council for putting this event on. It was well worth it, and I hope the city continues with fun little festivals like this with rad music. My last thank you is going out to the security people here. You were all so rad and nice when it came to helping other people, and especially me out. Thanks for keeping me safe, especially from crowd surfers in the photo pit and thanks for keeping me entertained when bands were not playing, haha.

Enough with my horrible excuse of writing, and on with my okay photos! Hahaha

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