Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ryan Russell Interview

What camera do you shoot with?
I have about 40!

Why did you get into photography?

I just liked it, I never got a camera until I was in college and when I did it was pretty fun and seemed very natural.

Why do you shoot mainly film?

I just like the way it looks for the most part, I can always spot a digital photo from a mile away

What is it like going around with sweet bands like Death Cab for Cutie, Tegan and Sara,

Paramore, etc, and shooting photos of them?

It’s pretty fun, most of the bands I shoot photos of are bands I actually like a lot. I usually wont shoot any band that I don’t personally like so its been working out rad!

What was it like

to be with Tegan and Sara for a week shooting photos for their new photo book?

It was scary going into it, I literally knew the girls about 3 weeks before we did it. We spent 3 hours doing a photosh

oot for Macbeth and that’s the only time I had ever hung with them. I was terrified of making an ass of myself (and I did) but hopefully they still think I’m the bees knees (do people still say that? Hahahah). They were so, so nice and I hope their fans know that of all the bands I’ve shot, theyre up there in being one who really cares about their fans as actual people. I’m so grateful I got to work with them and become friends.

Can you tell me, and their fans any more about this photobook?

We spent a week in New Orleans, enjoyed the city and for the most part they worked on demos together in the same room which they had said has never happened. There’s a ton of hilarious stories that happened, but we’ll have to wait for the book for those ;)

Who is your favourite artist/band to shoot?
Tegan and Sara for sure and also Death Cab for Cutie!

You also shoot for Macbeth shoes, what's that like?
It’s amazing, It was the only company nowadays who made shoes I liked. They ended up seeing a photo of MCR I shot with the shoes in them and offered a pair in trade and then a couple months later and I was asked to be sponsored and then they were like you wanna be our photo dude. They’ve all been so amazing.

Got any advice for people who are into photography, and want to progress their hobby further?
Just keep enjoying it as a hobby, if you love something and do it enough itll usually evolve into something more if it’s meant to happen. Just don’t be a slacker about it!

I see you shot photos with Bam Magera? What was that all about, and what's his house like in person?

OK literally, I was going to Fred (ex-TBS)’s house in West Chester and he asked if there was anything I wanted to do specifically while there and I made an off hand joke, oh you know go to Bam’s house and do a shoot. He and his drummer at the time Steve were actually good friends with Bam and when I got to West Chester they were like alright let’s go. Bam and Missy were so nice in person, seriously!

What's your favorite stuff to shoot?
Just stuff when I’m driving around, I do that a lot. Just drive around and stop and shoot and get back in the car and drive.

What are you other hobbies that you like to do?

I am obsessed with Xbox and Call of Duty.

Any future project worth mentioning?
The new Maylene album artwork!

Last but not least, any last words?


Thanks a lot!

Ryan Rose

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