Friday, December 11, 2009

Stereos Concert

December 9th was the night of The Envy, The Artist Life, The Midway State and Stereos show, and it was a pretty good show. At around 6:30, I arrived at the venue with a friend of mine. We head down to will call to pick up my media pass that the wonderful people at Underground Operations provided me with, and the two tickets that I won from Much Music. We get those, and go back in line. Doors opened, and then we went in and waited until the Envy came on stage, as they were the first band.

The Envy came on, and put on a good show. Though, they did remind me of Panic! At the Disco when they opened up for Blink-182, with the whole cross the fingers thing. The girls were crazy into them though! So crazy, that I got squished in the pit. Being small and having no photo pit was not to my advantage.

Next came The Artist Life, the band I was looking forward to the most as I heard a lot about them from fellow photographer friends, who are also friends with the band. The Artist Life put on a great set that was full of energy, and excitement. They were my favourite to shoot that night, and I can not wait till another show of theirs comes through soon!

The Midway State came up on stage after, and by then I got pushed completely out of the pit. No worries though, as I found another spot to shoot photos from that provided me with a better view! I was stoked on that finding. About 3 songs in, The Midway State invited Carly Rae Jepsen onto stage to sing along with the song she recorded with them. The best part about their set was when a chick through an empty beer can at another chick, and called her a skank. It was pretty hilarious actually!

After them, Stereos came on stage and put on a show! The girls(they were the majority tonight), were going right nuts! I only stayed for half of their set, as I wanted to get home before Midnight, but the half I did stay for was absolutely great even though it's not 100% of my kind of music. They are full of energy, and get right into it with the crowd and you could feel the energy pulse back and forth between the crowd and the band.

I recommend you check out all the bands by clicking these links:
The Envy
The Artist Life
Midway State

Big thanks to Underground Operations for all the help they have gave me!

Check the photos out below!

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