Monday, April 20, 2009

Protest the Hero Interview

I got the chance to do an interview with Protest the Hero. Well, here it is!

Lets start things off here by asking, how are you?
Good you know, whatever. We’re on the road doing what we always do.

Who are your musical influences?
We have a wide range of musical influences ranging from Aeon to Dream Theatre, Colm Wilkinson to Garth Brooks. We listen to whatever’s good.

When did you guys start to continue music as a career?
Start to continue? I’m not sure that makes sense, but I guess we’ve been perusing this shit since we were twelve years old.

If you guys did not continue music as a career, what would you be doing instead?
I would probably be working in a grocery store stocking shelves or something. Though I would like to claim to be the next Jean Val Jean via Les Miserables.

What does it mean to you to be an indie artist?
Doesn’t mean a thing in Canada Indie kind of just means that you don’t know how to tune your instrument and you stare at your converse sneakers whilst playing your guitar.

What would you describe your music as?
Mumbly-Jumply nonsense.

You most likely get this question asked a lot, but where do you see Protest the Hero in the next 5-10 years?
Broken up in three years, forgotten in four.

What was harder, breaking into the Canadian music scene, or the American? Why?
It’s the same shit. The population density in the United States is a lot higher so deductive reasoning would conclude that it’s easier in the states.

What do you think of albums that get leaked, and people who download them? Do you get disappointed when you hear about it, or people download it?
I think downloading is wicked, it’s kind of a bummer when shit gets leaked early, but who really gives a fuck. I’d be pretty excited if downloading was legalized, because bands don’t make money off record sales, so who cares?

What do you prefer to play, outdoor festivals or regular shows?
Out door festivals are no good.

Kezia and Fortress both have strong elements of women oppression... Do you feel this message needs to be conveyed more?
I think it’s just an attempt to acknowledge the engrained misogyny that comes with this ugly hanging appendage between out legs. It’s our best attempt to dispel it.

If you could tour with any band/artist, who would it be and why?
At this point I would probably just like to tour with all my friends. I don’t give a fuck about “cool bands” I never get to see my friends I would just bring them all and let them know how shitty tour is.

What is your favourite city, and venue to play at/in?
I like playing in Texas anywhere really, we’ve played Odessa that was cool, good vibes in Texas.

What kind of stuff do you enjoy doing outside of playing music?
I don’t really enjoy anything I enjoy smoking cigarettes and drinking… I’m you’re typical douche bag.

What is one thing you need to bring on tour, and do on tour?
I bring my camera just in case there should be an impromptu dance.

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