Sunday, September 13, 2009


A few nights ago(Sept 11th), I went to the LIGHTS/Keane show to photograph it. It was a blast. LIGHTS put on an amazing show. Keane did great for the first 2 songs, as I didn't see any more as I left because I didn't want to keep my parents waiting. I should have, as they were good. None of my photos turned out of them though, due to the photographers not being able to go into the photo pit for some stupid reason(apparently it can't hold weight).

I'd post a set list here of LIGHTS' songs she performed, if I could remember them... I'm never good at remembering songs artists perform, ahah.

LIGHTS also had a meet and greet which was nice. I got to meet her, and she's such a rad chick. Anyone who can figure out me from Twitter gets cool points in my books(haha). I also got that 1 step closer to completing my guitar of signatures. Next one up is Tegan and Sara, I need to get them to sign it, and it'd be complete! Haha. According to her, she was stoked to finally meet me. It's more so the other way around though, I was more stoked then anything else cause talking via twitter/myspace gets old and I finally needed to meet her. Haha. I can't wait till she comes back, and I hope to meet her again in the future! Also, pick up her full length which comes out on September 22nd in Canada and October 6th in the States! You can also hear her 2 current singles on MySpace from her full length, which are Saviour and The Listening. Both really good!
Have Twitter? You can follow her too!

But enough of this! Here are some photos from the show:

Click for bigger. All photos are copy right: Ryan Rose. Please contact for use, thanks! More photos here.


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