Monday, August 17, 2009

Warped Tour 2009

Warped Tour 2009...

Happened August 14th, at UBC's Thunderbird Stadium.

First time this summer I was awake before 12:00pm. But it was well worth it.

Around 10am, I arrive to the venue having no idea where to go to get my press pass. After walking around talking to security people, and people from LiveNation, I find out later on that I have to go back to the LiveNation area at 10:15am to get my press pass. I get my pass and I'm inside the venue.

After wandering backstage for a bit, I go to the press 'tent' area which was located inside the Skybox. I met the Warped Tour press person, Bethany, who was really nice. I sign in, and pick up a schedule of the times the bands will be playing. I then find out that I can't interview Alexisonfire as only 4 people could interview them. Lame. But whatever, I head on my way.

The first band was Underoath, and they played at 11:15am. Next up after then was Less Than Jake, and then Silverstein. Which are all great bands. After Silverstein was The Devil Wears Prada, which is a screamo kind of band. First time actually listening to them, and if you like scream, they are not all that bad. They got some great energy on stage which was great to photograph. After them, was a legend punk band. Bad Religion! After the 3 songs I got to photo graph from them, I ran over to the A.K.A's as I like their music and they are just awesome. They were some of my best photos from the day! Thanks guys!

From then, after 4 songs and having the lead singer play for me camera, I ran back to the mainstage to catch NOFX. They were not all that great to photograph, but their set was hilarious to watch. After them, was the band I've been waiting ALL day for. Alexisonfire. Holy fuck, did they ever put on a show. It was great to watch. The photo pit was crazy. After 3 songs were over, I got out of the pit and watched the rest of the set. About 2 songs after I got out, George jumped into the crowd and did a bit of surfing and then returned to finish of the set. It was great. The crowd was wild when they were playing. Security was pissed off about the crowd surfers, but who cares!

After Alexisonfire, I had about an hour to kill before Gallows played on the Hurley stage. I got there, and Bayside was just finishing up. They too, are a great band. After they finished up, another band played 2 stages over. They were named Cash Cash. It was some of the shittiest music I heard, next to Brokencyde. Who were also at Warped, but I made sure to stay FAR away so my ears didn't bleed. Gallows came on at 7:45pm. First 3 songs I shot photos of, with my film SLR so those won't be posted. After 1 song though, the lead singer jumped into the crowd and did the rest of the set from there. Sadly, no photos of that cause I am small and couldnt get over top of people. Hahah. Though, I didnt catch the whole Gallows set, what I caught was fucking awesome.

Well, enough of my talking on here. Photo time!

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