Thursday, January 7, 2010

Interview with Tim, of Wintersleep

Let’s start things off by asking how things are going?

Things are going great, exciting times for us… We are finished tracking our new record and we’re going to mix the record in Glasgow, Scotland at Castle of Doom studios starting on Jan 10th. We’re playing some free shows in and around Vancouver for the 2010 Olympic Games, which is going to be insane. Hopefully we’ll be able to catch a hockey game…

Who are some of your musical influences? What about local bands?

We have tons of different musical influences, too many to name. As for local bands that I used to go see a lot in Halifax, The Burdocks/Dog Day (Seth is an amazing songwriter), North of America/The Plan/The Motes, Elevator to Hell, Burnt Black, Thrush Hermit, Julie Doiron, The Guthries, Made in the World, Jon Epworth/Dean Malenkos…

What got you into music?

I’m not sure exactly what got me into music. I’ve always been into music as far as I can remember. Nirvana probably was the first band that made me want to buy a guitar and learn how to play it though.

Outside of music, what are some things you enjoy doing?

I enjoy watching and playing (occasionally) hockey, skating outside in random parks in Montreal, Ping Pong, making fun of Jon for supporting the Maple Leafs (we’re all Habs fans except Jon…).

What’s been your weirdest band related experience?

Probably walking down red carpets at awards shows like the Juno’s or MMVA’s. Everyone is looking at us saying who in the hell are these dishevelled awkward dudes.

You guys toured a bit with the Aussie band, An Horse, what was that like?

An Horse are a great band and super nice people. I learned that Australian dollar bills are impossible to rip because they are made of some super strong fibre plastic(y) stuff.

What were some of the bands you first got really into and were like, wow, this is actually some good stuff?

I guess I was quite into the whole grunge thing when I was first getting in to rock music, so bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, The Melvins, Kyuss, Tool. I don’t really listen to that much anymore but if someone throws it on, I still like it… a lot. J

What inspires you to make music?

I have no idea really….it just happens.

If you never got into making music, what would you be doing instead?

I would probably still be trying to figure that out…

What was it like when you first saw a Wintersleep CD in a store like HMV?

It was secretly awesome. As in, I didn’t want anyone to see me looking to see if our CD was stocked yet but I did it every Tuesday until it finally showed up.

Being a band from Canada, and from a smaller province like Nova Scotia, did you find it harder to break out into the music scene? What about the USA and UK, was it harder to break out in those scenes then here in Canada?

I guess with NS and the rest of the Maritimes being so far away from the rest of the Continent, it is definitely a little more difficult to get out there and tour because of that god forsaken 12 hour drive from Halifax to Montreal. It also kind of works to your advantage in that you can play the shit out of Atlantic Canada and develop a strong following back home(and hone your live skills) and then tackle the rest of Canada, the USA, Europe.

In the next 5-10 years, where do you see Wintersleep?

Hopefully with a few more albums and tours under our belt(s).

What is it like to know that you will be part of some Olympic events, like LiveCity Vancouver and the Surrey 2010 Celebration?

It’s great and it’s an honour to be asked to do this type of thing. We said yes immediately, and asked for Hockey tickets, but I doubt we’ll get them…

What advice do you have for bands trying to make it in the music scene?

Keep touring!

What bands are you currently into?

Lately I’ve been listening to Spoon’s new EP Got Nuffin’, Dog Day’s Elder Schoolhouse (that they recorded with Rick White!), Smog/Bill Callahan, The Maccabees, Kurt Vile, Hot Snakes/Obits, and many more….

What would one thing you would change about the music industry?

Remove Simon Cowell from anything to do with the music industry.

When you do interviews, what do you hope the interviewer never asks?

What certain lyrics mean…

Any last words?

Gosh Yeis…

Anyone you want to thank?

Just you, Ryan. Take care.


Ryan Rose!