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January 5th, 2010 - Tegan and Sara Show Review

Well, January 5th was two nights ago. It was also the night that Tegan and Sara kicked off their North American headlining tour with the first, of two shows at the Orpheum Theatre, which is beautiful by the way, in Vancouver, BC. This night was also the night that I got to tick off a goal on my to-do list before I die list. That was photographing Tegan and Sara! I do not know why that has been a goal of mine for awhile, but it was and I got to complete it, finally!

Now, the night started off with my waiting for the doors to open around 7:00 to get into the seated area. I say this, because we had to wait inside the Orpheum from the time the doors opened to get inside the building, but we couldn't actually go to out seats. Now, around 7:45, the first opening act went on stage. He was, Astronautalis, who is a one man hip hop/rap artist who is originally from Florida. His set was short, but was filled with greatness. Definitely recommend anyone to check him out.

Next up after him, was a two piece band based out of Australia. They were An Horse, whom are a huge up and coming band that are hitting the scene hard, with help from Tegan and Sara. Their set was a bit longer then the previous one from Astronautalis, but again it was very good from only a two piece band with Damon on drums/back up vocals and Kate on guitar and lead vocals. They are also touring with Tegan and Sara for the rest of the Canadian part of the tour, and if you are attending any of those shows, you have a lot to look forward too!

Now, Tegan and Sara were up, and finally playing their own headlining show at the Orpheum compared to the year before(well actually less, as it was in February), where they co-headlined with Broken Social Scene for the Cultural Olympiad. They started their 27 song set list, with a song from their new album, Sainthood, which was Arrow. The crowd was way into it, despite not standing up(I always feel weird sitting down at a concert). Tegan and Sara have come along way since they started, till now. Their set-list flew by, which was around 2 hours long. They then, played an encore which comprised of acoustic songs, except for the last one. They even played an acoustic version of Feel it in my Bones, which they made with Tiesto.

Full set list from Tegan and Sara's set:
Don't Rush
The Ocean
Walking with a Ghost
I bet it Stung
Burn Your Life Down
Where Does the Good Go
Speak Slow
On Directing
Red Belt
The Cure
Paperback Head
Soil, Soil
Knife Going In
So Jealous
Sentimental Tune
The Con

Back in your Head (acoustic)
Feel it in your Bone (acoustic)
Call it Off (Acoustic)
Living Room

Here is a youtube video of Feel It In My Bones done from the show:

Now photos!

An Horse Photos:

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Peep my flickr for the rest!

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