Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jonsi April 2nd- Vancouver

Jonsi (of Sigur Ros) started off his tour for his new album 'Go' (which is wicked), with two dates in Vancouver.

The show was magical. The only downfall I had was that I had to wait in the rain for a good 40 minutes due to my ticket not being at will call when I showed up. At 8:00pm, the opening act went on. He was not that great, but he wasn't super bad either. Right at 9:00pm though, Jonsi took the stage. It was just him and his guitar during the first song, which was 'Stars in Still Water.' After that, the rest of his band took the stage along side with him.

Jonsi sung his heart out with his beautiful vocals, which awed the crowd. Mixed in with the beautiful voice and words of Jonsi, was an amazing backdrop that mixed with the most incredible visuals for a show I have seen. It was a story, that followed very closely along with the story Jonsi was singing through out his set. 59 Productions did an incredible job at creating this.

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