Sunday, April 4, 2010

Paper Routes/Lights/Owl City Vancouver Show!

Friday was a wicked night. It was the night of the Lights/Owl City concert. A show that sold out so fast, I couldn't actually buy a ticket. Thanks to Paper Route's rad management though, I managed to secure a ticket and a photo pass and watch the epicness get put down! I also made some rad new friends this night as well. Lights fans are some of the raddest people ever!

Thanks to them, they secured me a spot right at the front of the longggggggg line up as well so I would be guaranteed a wicked seat in the GA area (thanks Mike!). Once the time reached 6pm, the line up went nuts as the doors opened and people rushed in to get through security so they can get a good seat, ha. Thankfully I did not get crushed, nor my camera gear get hurt. I finally got in, and managed to secure a spot right at the front. Front, right to be exact.

Once 7pm hit, and the lights dimmed, the crowd went wild (okay not super wild, but they were real excited)! Paper Route hit the stage. This band was so, so good live. I'm going to be honest that I never really heard much of their music, but after their set, I wanted to go and buy their CD. I realized I had no money, so I couldn't (Bestbuy/HMV/Future Shop, here I come)! Seriously, everyone needs to check out Paper Route as they are so good. I just wish the lighting for their set was slightly better for my photos. Oh well.

After the set break, it was Lights time to shine and she shone bright! Even though Owl City was the headliner of the show, I think that the majority of the crowd was there for Lights. As soon as she stepped on stage, the crowd went nuts. Way louder then for Owl City. Right before she played Pretend (Reprise), she asked the crowd to name her piano/keyboard which is one that she rarely gets to use and was the one that helped her start it all! The crowd named it, Vancouver! She also covered Phil Collin's song "In the Air Tonight" and did it beautifully. When she 'finished' her site, the crowd went nuts for an encore. She did, and played Drive My Soul. Her keytar had a malfunction during mid set, and they replaced it with another one, but that one didn't work either cause of no batteries! Hahah. They fixed it for the encore though. Her set was wonderful, and I can't wait for her to come through Vancouver again and have another rad time.

Now, it was time for Owl City. I'm going to be honest here, and say I'm not that big of a fan of him. Well, I came in expecting him to not be all that great. He proved me wrong, very wrong. His set was full of energy, and it sounded great! He had some cool lighting go on in the background as well. When he played Fireflies, the crowd went nuts and started to sing along to every word. It was awesome. I'm not all that familiar with his songs so I can't really say which ones he played when, but for the encore he played "Hello Seattle", but changed up the words, so he sang "Hello Vancouver." Though he made that change midway through the song.

Now enough of this writing, photos! Haha

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