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Interview with Tegan, from Tegan and Sara!

Tegan is one half of the indie rock Canadian Duo, Tegan and Sara. I got the chance to interview Tegan. These questions are for fans, by a fan! Here is what she had to say!

How's Life?

Life is great .Thank you for asking.

Other then making music, what other things do you enjoy to do?

I love to read.

I know you like reading, what are some books you recommend for people to read?

A secret History - Donna Tartt

LIfe after God - Douglas Coupland

A wolf at the Table - Augusten Burroughs

Have you ever thought about writing your own book?

Yes. I write all the time. One day. We're putting together a Tegan and Sara Book for the Spring.

I've noticed at a show that fan's sort of "mob rushed" you. Do you find it annoying, and sometimes try and hide from them or saying no to people asking for photos/autographs? I know I would go crazy if that happened to me.

Not at all. The only time if bothers me is when I'm at dinner and only because I feel embarrassed.

Do you guys like to play/try sports? Like any, from biking to hockey.

We both ride bikes a lot. We play street hockey on tour.

With you guys touring all over the States the Australia, is there hope for you guys to come to Canada?

Not on this record sadly. We will be making a record really soon though and we will tour Canada as soon as we can!

Tegan at Under the Volcano in Vancouver
Got any new tattoos?

A few.

With all these Tegan and Sara blogs/forums, have you ever thought about coming into one and posting to answer some of these peoples questions?

No. Those forums are for fans not for Tegan or Sara.

Do you find it creepy that there is these Tegan and Sara blogs and forums?

Not at all. Its a great place for fans to congregate and share. We encourage them and help support them in our own way.

What is your favorite song you've wrote/played and why?

I love playing Nineteen, One Second and Call it Off.

What's the worst/best experience you've had with a fan?

I've had a few bad experiences but they are so far and few between. We have the greatest fans. They vary so much and they are full of cute stories and wonderful insight.

What inspires you to make music?


What do you think about people who download/torrent music and does it effect you? If so, to what extent?

I think that music has no dollar value. I think music is the most important thing in my life. I put everything I am into my records. It makes me sad that someone wouldn't want to pay for that considering how inexpensive music is these days but I don't spend any time judging or worrying about it. We have responsible budgets and make records for love not for money. The record companies are suffering though and that of course hurts the artist.

What/Where is one of your favorite concerts/performances you've played? Why?

It would be impossible to pick a favorite. We have a wonderful audience. Every night is great for different reasons. There are so many differences between each city and country....its interesting everywhere!

What's one of the things you are really good at doing, other then making music?

I'm not sure.

What's one of the things you are really bad at doing?

I like to try everything....I don't think I'm bad at anything...some

things just don't come naturally or inspire me to work at it so I don't do it again.

Currently, what's one of your favorite bands/artist that you think people should go and check out?

Amanda Palmer. Against Me.

What is one of your favorite cities that you've been too?

I love Brussels.

What do you think about Myspace/Facebook?

I think Myspace is a great place to preview a bands music or look at tour dates. It certainly feels like its replaced the need to have a .com. That being said I am not on their personally and I don't have a Facebook page either. I believe I lost touch with people for a reason. The people I love I call on the phone.

Do you guys like doing all these interviews?


On your myspace, you have photos of you with members of Metallica(one of my favorite bands). Care to tell the story behind that?

We played Bridge School, Neil Young's benefit this past year and Metallica were playing. We love them and so we requested a picture and a meeting and waited outside their dressing room until they came out! They did and it was great!

What do you think of people making shirts with your name/face on them?

We do it so we don't judge if someone can't afford to buy one we are selling or don't like our designs and make their own we're okay with that.

Do you think Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and other older bands like them have a huge impact on the way music is like now a days?

Absolutely. I loved Led Zeppelin growing up. I think my love for music inspired me to make music.

 Is there going to be another Tegan and Sara DVD?

At some point, yes.

What is one goal you want to do in life?

I want to continue on my path happily.

What is one thing you never wished you did?

There is nothing I regret doing.

When someone writes something bad about you on the internet, do you sometimes want to write something back to defend yourself?


Do you think you'll ever make the big dollars and play sold out shows at GM Place or some place like that?

I doubt it. Ha.

What was your best experience with a fan?

Every experience is unique. We are so lucky. People bring us wonderful gifts and food and funny pictures and stories every day on tour. Its overwhelming. We feel incredible love.

What was your worst experience with a fan?

Nothing pops into mind.

Do you ever wish you owned a pet?


Any really cool side projects to talk about?

I have a side project with Hunter from AFI. It's going to see the light of day at some point.

What was it like getting your first record deal?


Do you ever wish you lived closer to each other?

No. We see each other 200 days a year. A little distance helps.

Do you guys ever play video games for fun?

No. I did love Crazy Taxi when I was 18.

What is your favorite guitar to play?

Gibson Les Paul Studio.

Tegan and Sara "who's taller" at Under the Volcano in Vancouver
 Where is the weirdest place a fan has spotted you?

In a lake, an hour outside of Vancouver. I was in a bathing suit and felt horrified. Ha.

What is the weirdest thing you've had to sign?

I find it strange when people ask me to sign their jeans...I hate doing it because I feel like I'm destroying them.

Got any tips for people for when it comes to making music?

Play twice as much as you are currently.

Do you wish you've ever picked up a different career path?


What is your proudest achievement in life?

My band.

If you never started to make/play music, what do you think you would be doing right now?

I have no idea.

Do you ever get sick of touring and being on a bus for long periods of time?

Usually by the end of a tour I'm ready to go home. But I'm addicted to playing music. I am ready to go back on tour after a few days generally.

What was one of your favorite concerts you've ever been too in your life?

Against Me!  Bruce Springsteen.

Tegan at Under the Volcano in Vancouver
Do fans ever randomly come up to you in the streets when you're walking about?


Was this too many questions?


Anything you would like to say/add or whatever?

Good luck. Thanks for listening. 

~Ryan Rose/Dotca 

                              Me and Tegan and Under the Volcano in Vancouver

All photo credit, except for the photo with me and Tegan go to Mike Swor. Good photos man! 

I'd like to thank Tegan for doing this interview, and everyone who helped me get it done!

Tegan and Sara's website

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