Saturday, September 20, 2008

Metallica's Death Magnetic: A Dotca Review.

Metallica is a heavy metal band that formed in 1981. They released many albums in their time. With the good ones being Kill Em' All, Ride the Lightning, ...And Justice for All, and the Black Album. They influced the metal scene. Some people called the album Master of Puppets one of the most influential and "heavy" thrash metal albums of it's time, and some people still consider it to this day. Then they started to spiral downwards in terms on thrashy metal and quality. They released a few more albums. Those being Load and, Reload, and Garage Inc. After that, they had a big conterversy with Napster and filed a lawsuit with them. They were noted as hypocrites, sell outs and the like. With that being, Metallica released another album, it was entiled St. Anger. The album was the worst Metallica album todate. It was medicore, and just not like they use to be. The songs were repeative and just not "Metallica".

Now they released their lastest album. Death Magnetic. It is more so, what Metallica use to be! They are more like their old selves with this album. You have the long intros, heavy jam, a good verse, heavier jam, chorus, bridge, wild long heavy solo, to a outro. It was something meant to be by Metallica before St. Anger. We have their new producer, Rick Ruben to thank for that. He brought back the "old" Metallica.

Here is my review of each song on the album.

1. That Was Just Your Life: It's a nice fast, heavy song. Lives up to what people are saying, that Metallica is back!

2. The End of the Line: It's a pretty good song. Nice and heavy. Though it is a tad repetive, and could have been on one of their records like load. Doesn't really have the "old" Metallica feel like That Was Just Your Life.

3. Broken Beat and Scarred: One of the decent songs on this album. It's a nice heavy song. Overall a good track. Could easily have been on the Black Album, which was a pretty good album.

4. The Day That Never Comes: It's a ballad-esque song. It's one of my favourites, if not the favourite, of the album. It's like Fade to Black, Unforgiven and Nothing Else Matters. As the song goes on, it's gets heavier. For sure it's one of the songs that bring out the "old" Metallica.

5. All Night Long: Another good track that's one of the top 3 on the album. It's long, heavy, and has a wicked chorus that's catchy.

6. Cyanide: A bit repeative, but catchy. It's a okay song, but not one of the better ones of the album. Could make a good radio single.

7. The Unforgiven III: Another good song. James shows himself here. It's long, but not boring. Kirk did pretty good at the solo too. Glad they chose this track for the album.

8. The Judias Kiss: Another good song, with some good guitar riffs. Not one of the best on the album though, but it's fast and heavy. Helps bring out the old Metallica which we all want and love!

9. Suicide and Redemption: It's a instrumental. It's long, but good. Heavy and flows well. Not many good metal instrumentals, but Metallica pulls it off. They make some good ones, and this shows.

10. My Apocalypse: It's a fast, heavy and thrashy song! It truely shows the good old Metallica! One of my favourite's on this album.

Keep it sounding like this Metallica, and you'll make your fans happy!

Overall: James, Kirk and Robert did a very good job on this album. Lars could have done a bit better, but still pulled it off. I give this album a 4/5!

To all those going to the concert, you better have a wicked time.

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