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Lindsey Byrnes Interview!

Lindsey Byrnes is a great photographer, and she recently agreed to do a interview with me, and well, here it is!

Let’s start things off here by asking how are you?

How am I? Good question, I actually love that one, because although there are so many ways to answer that, 9 times out of 10 I simply reply with I’m really good! But I am actually doing great, Thank you for asking!

How did you get into photography?

I was working at High Speed Productions, Inc. in San Francisco and started shooting a lot of photos to document events that I was in charge of or trips that I took. So I would have something to show my bosses.

What was your first ‘good’ camera?

My first good camera was a Yoshica T4 Point and shoot. That camera is amazing, I love it and still use it all the time.

What is your main camera you use, currently?

I like to mix it up A LOT. It really depends on what I am shooting, where I’m going and how long I will be there that dictates what I want to use. I use Nikon SLRs , D70, D700, F100 I love Nikon although if money was not a factor I would have both Nikon and Canon.

Which do you prefer, film or digital and why?

I prefer film for some things and digital for others. I love film for so many reasons, the main one being the anticipation and delight I get from waiting to develop a roll. I have not been able to replicate film exactly when shooting digital but then again I haven’t been able to replicate digital with film…

What was it like getting your first photo in a magazine?

This is going to sound weird, but I don’t actually remember the first photo that I got in a magazine. But I am sure that I felt the way it always feels, f-ing amazing! I love to see images that I shot in print form. It’s such an honour for an editor to choose my photographs or assign me to a job. I love magazines and contributing to magazines is so satisfying. I feel fortunate that I have been published. There are a lot of really talented artists out there that may never get that chance. I really just LOVE it and am thankful!

What style of photography do you enjoy most? Street, portrait, concert, action, etc?

I think I gravitate towards documentary style photography. I love capturing moments, real, candid, beautiful moments. Weddings are amazing for that, so are concerts and tours.

Who is your favourite photographer?

I have so many photographers that I look up to and admire: I look up to all photographers, there are so many! Of course Annie Lebowitz, Terry Richardson, David LaChapelle, and Floria Sigismondi are just amazing. Ryan Russell, Piper Ferguson, Autumn DeWilde, Luke Ogden, Tobin Yelland, Joe Brook the list goes on and on and on and ...

What is your favourite photo that you did not shoot? And what is your favourite photo that you did shoot?

I’m not very good at picking favourites.

If you did not shoot photos, what would you do instead?

If I didn’t shoot photos I would probably be working in a travelling circus as a lion tamer.

What is your favourite lens to use?

I really love my 85mm 1.8

Outside of photography, what do you enjoy doing?

HA! that’s a broad question I enjoy all sorts of things surfing, music, watching movies, eating…

How did you become like, Tegan and Sara’s ‘main’ photographer?

Am I? That is a great title!

You also shot photos for 2 books in the series of books of they are doing, what was that like?

It was great! I was on tour with Tegan and Sara in the US and in Australia and have no complaints, I mean honestly I’m so lucky. When the ideas of the books came up and they asked me to work with them I was beyond excited. I was photo editing another book at that time (Off the Wall, Stories of Sole from Vans Originals) and I was really itching to get out and shoot more myself. Being out on the road is work but it’s so much fun that I don’t notice any of the other stuff.

Also, is there anything that you can ‘spill’ about these books that most people may not know already?

We are packaging all three books together. The third book is going to be different then the others, you will get to see the bands perspective through words and photographs

Any advice for people wanting to pursue photography further, or people just getting into photography?

Keep shooting!!!

Anyone you want to thank?

This is another list that would go on for days just to name a few: Tegan, Sara, my parents, Kerri Borsuk, Luke Ogden, Erin Dyer, Ryan Henry, Fausto Vitello, there’s more but I will stop there for now.

Thank you for being interested!


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